Why CIPO, Why Now?

Resistance to change is something we all encounter throughout our careers, whether we work in the private or public sector.

The hesitation surrounding the word “change” is a significant factor in why projects and programs don’t deliver the results they set out to achieve. Resistance to change can be organizational or personnel-driven. Still, it revolves around the belief that something of value could be lost or that there’s a real fear of adapting to new ways: fear and uncertainty can fuel resistance. Thus, our latest blog entitled why CIPO and why now….?

Even in these busy and unprecedented times, all of us here at CIPO continue to talk with Owners, clients, and prospective change managers about how they manage their Capital Improvement Program. We are astonished at how many Agencies work with spreadsheets and employ the historical processes of yesteryear. When you’ve developed a product that streamlines processes, improves accountability functionality, and delivers efficiency throughout all levels of management within the CIP, it’s hard to fathom that these Agencies are so resistant to change.

At CIPO, we allow your firm to become more agile in managing your programs. We correlate documents so that the trail from an RFI to a PCO to a CO is clear and concise. We’ve built-in dashboards and filters to allow management staff to gauge their groups’ efficiencies. How efficient turn arounds on RFIs. Are the metrics telling you the Agency is working with or against the Contractor to complete these contracts? How well are PCOs being negotiated, and how long are they taking? The baseline schedule shows that we should be performing Activities X-Y-Z this week, but we aren’t. Is our staff overloaded with projects right now? How about 12 months from today? Metrics are at your fingertips like never before.

CIPO drives the change at both the organization and employee levels through our centralization of information. We have eliminated the need for multiple systems and have increased transparency like never before. Some of our customers are eliminating some costly legacy systems such as plan/spec management systems.

Some of our larger clients have operating programs that average well over $100 million per year, some over $1B programs. With the success that customers are having while using CIPO on programs of all sizes, it’s evident that the claims we make about our software’s ability to help optimize performance are not unfounded.

Give us a call or stop and say hello at the coming industry function we attend. Let’s chat about how you currently manage your Capital Improvement Program. 

Let us show you how construction software made for Owners can help increase visibility and efficiencies across your Agency. Don’t settle for software made for Contractors.

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