About Us

What started as a quick solution to help a large CM firm execute a half-a-billion dollar program ten years ago, CIPO has evolved into a leading construction software company catering specifically to Owners and CM firms.

The CIPO platform, built on the Microsoft Cloud, culminates industry insight and knowledge of what would help owners manage their teams and programs more effectively, now and in the future. It offers a comprehensive construction program management solution adaptable to any size organization, regardless of complexity. We built the software on an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it easy for any organization to adopt.

With its ability to connect teams, reduce manual steps, and provide real-time and historical analytics, CIPO has become the go-to solution for streamlining construction and project management workflows and a challenger to the status quo.

CIPO is for construction Owners.

Founding Team

CIPO Cloud Software is an innovative company that digitizes the construction management processes for Owners. By standardizing processes, centralizing data, optimizing productivity, and focusing on improving operations, CIPO brings an immediate ROI.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does CIPO stand for?

CIPO stands for Capital Improvement Program Office in the Cloud.

Why should I choose CIPO?

Because of our “owner first” approach to building CIPO. We listen and learn from our users, then extend the platform with our stakeholders’ requested functionality. CIPO is an end-to-end platform allowing owners and CM professionals to define the environment that will meet their business practices, track, manage, and control all documents, and visualize their projects centrally. No matter the size of your institution, CIPO will make a lasting, positive impact on how you manage and optimize your construction processes.

How do I get more information?

You can read almost everything about CIPO here on our website or elsewhere. However, we encourage you to request a personalized demo. We’d love to learn about your current situation and see if CIPO suits your needs. Simply click here.

What's does the initial implementation cost?

The CIPO implementation will depend on your organization’s complexity and size. However, a typical implementation without data migration or custom integration will typically cost you less than your yearly user subscription.

How much does CIPO cost?

CIPO’s cost is affordable and known. We charge a simple per-named user fee. CIPO reduces your other subscription or administrative costs when ingrained within your Enterprise, replacing redundant systems and giving you an end-to-end holistic approach to construction management. The ROI is typically realized within the first few months of use.

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