Create your change order with a few clicks

Do you struggle with gathering data from multiple Potential Change Orders just to create one Change Order?

No more ‘cutting’ and ‘pasting’

In this module, select, sort, and compile from multiple Potential Change Orders (PCOs) directly to create your Change Order.

With a few clicks, you can create your change orders more accurately and quickly. No more ‘cutting & pasting’ details from multiple documents.

From this intuitive web interface, public agencies and construction management professionals can now track their COs and PCOs, manage and respond.

Who gets access?

SecurityOnly authorized project members can work with the Change Orders or add or remove related PCOs depending on your Business Process Automation rules.


In fact, you don’t have to create different logins for different project roles. If John is a resident engineer on project A and a design engineer on project B, he will be assigned access to the COs and PCOs based on his configured roles using one single login.

In this module, you can:

  • Search and sort your data
  • Save your display preferences
  • Share, print or export data
  • Edit PCO-CO relationships
  • Integrated role-based security

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