Configurable across all modules

CIPO™ is a software solution that allows you to manage the look and feel of your existing construction documents. Online and offline. All printable documents are easily configurable, within each module, to meet your specific needs.

Dictate the information you want your project members, consultants or contractors to provide that can help make you a more informed construction manager or project owner.

Track and report what’s important

Security Be an informed construction manager or project owner. CIPO™ allows you to enforce what information you want your project team (consultants or contractors) to provide.


Using our easy to use wizards, configure your document tracking input fields in your RFIs, Submittals, PCOs or COs. For that matter, any dynamic module you want to build, you can configure.


Match your existing documents to your printed ones. Customize instant email notifications and personalize (sort, order, display) each screens’ Log View.

Wizards allow you to:

  • Create dynamic modules
  • Personalize document workflows
  • Create custom tracking fields
  • Format printouts to match your Documents
  • Actionable email notifications
  • Personalize what data you track and see

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