Centralized Communication

Effective team communication is a crucial aspect of any construction project, both during and after its completion. For this reason, CIPO provides a user-friendly platform for collecting, distributing, storing, and reviewing email correspondence. Regardless of whether the emails are generated through CIPO or Outlook, the discussion thread is captured and tracked in CIPO, becoming a permanent part of the project delivery or archive. Using CIPO is a straightforward process that simplifies communication management for construction project teams.


Build email or letter templates in CIPO for faster pre-filled emails


Send and reply from Outlook, Gmail, or other email systems

Historical Logs

Retain correspondence logs indefinitely

Our approach


Build email or letter templates in CIPO for faster pre-filled emails and letters

No more Outlook™ nightmares trying to find the information you're after

CIPO facilitates and retains secure, searchable, and trackable communication

CIPO keeps you updated through our alerts and notifications

The human element

What's our secret? Great people.

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Consider exploring CIPO and its user-friendly methods for conducting business.