At the core of CIPO.

At CIPO, our mission is to help customers achieve operational excellence. And we firmly believe that by providing an innovative, powerful, and integrated construction software platform, we can help you achieve it.

Standardize Processes

Empower seamless collaboration across your organization by standardizing workflows, terminology, and expectations from communication to approvals, procurement to scheduling, greater transparency, compliance, and cost-effectiveness.


Centralize Data

Documents, tasks, and communications are securely stored to eliminate duplicates and version issues. Integrations with existing tools mean your team can start benefiting from a single source document immediately. 


Optimize Productivity

Work smarter. Eliminate tedious tasks. Automate workflows. Enable real-time project tracking and seamless information sharing. Streamline operations, reduce costs, and deliver results faster—Supercharge performance. Maximize efficiency. Get more done with less effort.


Improve Operations

Get project management, scheduling, change orders, and compliance tracking on one connected platform. Confidently manage operations, reduce risks, and drive results with more transparent communication and oversight. Our tools help you work smarter and improve processes.


Advanced Security
Fully Customizable
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Data Analytics
Construction Analytics
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