Real-time access to actual project costs

Owners, general contractors and construction managers have real-time access to project cost and there is no need to wait for the receipt and approval of pay applications to calculate financial information.


Accelerate the negotiation process and approval of payments

Owners are now able to:
  • Pay their General Contractor faster
  • Track Retention Requirements
  • Comply with prompt pay legislation
  • Qualify to receive pay discounts

Personalized every step of the way

WorkingtogetherDuring a new deployment, we will work closely with you to map out exact processes and schedules for every work procedure. These include document review workflow of RFIs, submittals, PCOs, COs and progress payments.


Whenever your business needs change, we will also be there each step of the way helping you keep your business processes current.

In this module, you can track:

  • PCO status
  • Tracking Percent Complete
  • Tracking Retention
  • Progress Payment Status

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