Cost and Schedule at a glance

A project dashboard works like a thermometer for your business. It provides a quick, at-a-glance understanding of whether your project is on time and on budget.

Configurable sub-panels: Dive in and follow through

Each configurable sub-panel focuses on various aspects of the project such as COs, PCOs, and progress payments. Clicking each panel allows you to dive into the information underlying, which allows you to identify specific problems and opportunities in seconds.

Who gets access?

SecurityOnly authorized project members can work with the Change Orders or add or remove related PCOs depending on your Business Process Automation rules.


In fact, you don’t have to create different logins for different project roles. If John is a resident engineer on project A and a design engineer on project B, he will be assigned access to the project dashboards based on his configured roles using one single login.

With CIPO Dashboards, you can:

  • Review in queue items
  • View real-time project summary
  • Drill-down through information
  • Export and share project info

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