RFI Management

Based on our highly configurable built-in Business Process Automation engine, this module allows project members to submit, review, and collaborate on RFIs.

All communication is tracked with an automated capture of logged in user, date and time stamp.


Who gets access?

SecurityOnly authorized project members can work with the Change Orders or add or remove related PCOs depending on your Business Process Automation rules.


In fact, you don’t have to create different logins for different project roles. If John is a resident engineer on project A and a design engineer on project B, he will be assigned access to the RFIs based on his configured roles using one single login.

In this module, you can:

  • Easily link your RFIs to PCOs
  • Sort and filter on any columns
  • Save your Log View preferences
  • Email, print or export data
  • Manage RFI revisions
  • Integrated role based security

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