Get notified real-time

CIPO™’s SmartMAP keeps the Executive Management, the Public, or Stakeholders in the “know” through our tightly integrated Google Maps module.

Have a construction alert?

No problem. SmartMAP will automatically communicate real-time project impacts to the stakeholders, based on their address or cross streets for projects outside the “fence line”.


Personalized every step of the way

WorkingtogetherDuring a new deployment, we will work closely with you to map out exact processes and schedules for every work procedure. These include document review workflow of RFIs , submittals, PCOs, COs and progress payments.


Whenever your business needs change, we will also be there each step of the way helping you keep your business processes current.

With SmartMAPs, you can:

  • Get real-time notifications
  • Track schedule impact
  • Use for PCO/COs negotiations
  • Notify when project is online

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