Have you ever thought about improving workflows within an existing organization?  What do you do when your organization has established processes, procedures, and you feel that there’s no way of improving efficiencies?  At CIPO, we’re tasked with this activity nearly everytime we consult or contract with a new client.

We see the same issues over and over again; people looking for ways to improve productivity or to improve turn-around time with documents.  

CIPO recently contracted with a large water agency that had been in business since the 1950s.  This agency, just like the start of the blog details, had some very strong systematic approaches to their procedures that had not changed for decades.  When we came in to help this agency make the switch from an outdated Construction Management software tool to CIPO, we immediately took notice of areas where we could help make some improvements.  We see this all the time and new exactly what to look for and how we could help…

As an example, CIPO is one of the only platforms that offers digital signatures.  This is a key differentiator for those organizations that have a long list of required authorizations to documents.  Digital signatures allow an organization to move away from paper routing, save cost, and increase efficiency. By partnering with HelloSign, CIPO allows your document workflows to proceed immediately to their next destination.  Plus, we offer “Binding” and “Non-Binding” digital signatures. Different document types require different levels of authorization and flexibility. Something to consider the next time you look for an upgrade and think to yourself, how can we improve what we currently do?  CIPO has this and so much more. Connect with us today to learn more!