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We won't restrict innovation.

CIPO provides a customizable and user-friendly document management system that meets construction process management needs, now and in the future.

Start with a few, build any.

CIPO is a modular platform that provides flexibility to its users. You can start with the basic pre-built modules for Design or Construction and then add more modules per your specific operational requirements. Although CIPO already supports user-defined fields for each module, we understand that sometimes more customization is necessary. Our platform’s main advantage is its ability to create user-defined modules on demand. CIPO is designed to evolve and adapt to your growing needs to capture and manage data efficiently.


This module is designed to help authorized project members manage RFIs (Requests for Information) in a streamlined and efficient way. Our flexible and configurable workflow engine for business process automation allows team members to submit, review, collaborate, track, and relate RFIs to other documents. A complete audit trail is generated and searchable, ensuring that all decisions, discussions, and changes are correctly recorded.


Are you tired of missing important updates regarding submittals? CIPO is a tool that can help you stay on top of things. With CIPO, you can search, select, sort, and compile submittals based on pre-configured priorities. This ensures that all submittals are accurately reported to management and your partners. Meanwhile, design engineers and contractors can prioritize their work, which helps to maintain consistency and ensure adherence to document turnaround time and project schedule.

Daily Reports

CIPO enables your inspectors or consultants to collect accurate field data while on the go, using any device such as a mobile, tablet, or laptop. You don't need to download any additional app or sync with another system. All data is centralized, related, and accessible in real time, ensuring timely and efficient collaboration.

Change Management

With this module, you can effortlessly create, manage, and monitor your change orders with just a few clicks. Depending on your workflow process definition, you can start from scratch or grant your contractor the ability to select, sort, and compile several potential change orders into one change order. This not only saves time but also guarantees accuracy.


Ensuring efficient and accurate payment to contractors is crucial. Proper management of the progress payment approval process is vital, and the Progress Payments module streamlines this workflow by ensuring that the correct information is accessible to the right individuals and approved promptly.

Digital Signatures

CIPO is a tool that helps our customers move towards an efficient and paperless environment by allowing them to sign documents digitally. With eSignatures, document turnaround time is improved as it saves paper and eliminates the need to chase after the proper signatories. Our modules enable you to configure simple or condition-based workflows and specify any required signatures at any point of the process.

Is there more?

Here are some examples of modules that our customers have created and are currently using.

Two builders checking road construction plan


Keep all your construction or business data organized and easily accessible from one centralized and powerful location.

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