Drawings Management

Effortlessly manage your specifications and drawings from a centralized digital platform.

CIPO is a comprehensive solution that allows users to conveniently keep track of documents and access project-related information from a centralized location. The built-in Virtual Drawings module helps field staff to seamlessly transition to a paperless environment, where they can quickly apply field markups and share them with the rest of the project team. In addition, all CIPO documents, such as RFIs, Submittals, and Daily Reports, can be linked to specific sections for easy reference at a later stage.
CIPO is built for owners

Unrestricted Markups

CIPO offers a range of markup tools that can be used across the project lifecycle, allowing you to upload files in various formats, including photos and PDFs.

Real-Time. Accessible. Reliable.

If you have trouble using multiple systems to achieve your goals, CIPO simplifies the process.

Request a live demo of our virtual drawings management module and how it interacts and connects with any other module within CIPO.