As CIPO Cloud begins to grow and our user base continues to expand, we always get asked, “what differentiates CIPO Cloud from the competition?”  Pinpointing exactly what makes CIPO Cloud the best choice on the market for Owner CIP Management is tough.

Product differentiation typically includes strong brand imaging, a unique selling point, or simply standing out in the crowd.  Honestly I don’t believe that we’ve created CIPO Cloud to “specifically” be any of that. We have simply designed the easiest to use, most flexible in its features, Owner autonomous software available to any agency looking for better control of their Capital Improvement Program.  

While we try to provide decent graphics and fliers that catch the eye and tell the story of CIPO, the magic is really left for the product data it provides.  We’d rather spend time on multi-use dashboards that align an agency’s executive management team with down-the-line management staff. We’d rather devote countless hours to detailed schedule analysis and real-time updates to the critical path.  These are products that actually make a difference with the users, not some flashy gimmick that you see in a conference show hall.  

But don’t get us wrong, we are all about the gimmicks just as much as any other company, but it’s not necessary when the output is actually the branding all by itself.  So what’s our unique selling point then? Maybe…. It’s us! Maybe it’s the fact that we understand what Owners want to see from their management software. Maybe we aren’t designed for Contractors (secretly) and we don’t force our one-off platform to Owners without any available modifications.  Maybe we are constantly interacting with our clients to see what else we can develop, while spreading the message amongst our other clients, which provides added features that no one expects on a monthly/quarterly basis. Again…maybe it’s just us!

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