What is trend data?  A look in any business dictionary will describe trend data as a pattern of gradual change in a condition, output, or process, or an average or general tendency of data.  However, at CIPO, trends are our business model.

CIPO is built precisely for collecting data and making the analysis useful for the owner. In simpler terms, CIPO collects the information you place within the program and analyzes the information for your use; looking for patterns, relationships, and you guessed it … trends.  Trends shape the way you do business, and we help you find them.

Trends are an incredibly important tool for managing and improving your Capital Improvement Program.   Without trend analysis, an owner can not improve the business by helping to identify areas within your organization that are performing, as well as areas that are underperforming or need opportunities for development.  CIPO provides valuable knowledge to help you, the owner, make better decisions around your long-term Capital Planning strategies.

So how does CIPO help specifically with providing you with trend data?  By providing the time it takes to complete tasks. By allowing you to forecast future spending from a Fiscal Year perspective. By expressing what must be improved within your organizations’ planning process.  By gauging the effectiveness of staff, their projects and most importantly, your priorities. 

The list goes of reasons why CIPO is the best tool for creating massive efficiencies and advanced productivity goes on and on.  Because of our trend analysis, we are trendsetters in the quest to provide the best Construction Management software available to the market.