Adversity or an opportunity?

adversity or opporyunity

Seeing adversity as a window of opportunity

We at CIPO Cloud see adversity as a window of opportunity. And in these changing times, you need to innovate and change how you communicate, analyze, report, and control information. The COVID-19 issue is pushing all companies to adapt to telecommuting and different ways of collaboration amongst your active team members. Thus, we are here to help you stay relevant and provide the tools you need for business to continue; for your customers, vendors, communities, and stakeholders.

Many, if not all of our customers, are considered essential services and must continue with “business as usual.” However, we are seeing delay claims arising from the pandemic that must be analyzed to protect the construction industry and all the players involved in completing these critical or essential projects. Because of the strenuous industry and spiraling economy, most stakeholders will be seeking financial relief on their projects. Many owners are seeking Act of God or Force Majeure contract clauses as a reliance from delay claims. CIPO’s innovative scheduling database allows our customers to analyze these COVID delays with real-time data. We provide users the ability to create shadow schedules and input delays with the ability to forecast project completion. Not all Construction Project Management software is created equal!

With scheduling and delay monitoring in mind, CIPO stands at the forefront of this pandemic world of construction. We attend weekly seminars on how delays are being handled and how delays should be handled, focusing solely on how we can continue to make our product better for you, the end-user. Our project controls are designed to create transparency and schedule quality, accuracy, and feasibility. For example, many owners are unaware of how to handle severe weather delays during the COVID delays, which both concurrently impact your projects. By using CIPO’s critical path and look-ahead schedules, our Owners have the tools and information they need to provide accurate non-compensable days back to their construction projects, all the while keeping all stakeholders up to date on project completion. Now ask yourself, is your current software helping you through these challenging times. 

How can CIPO help your agency right now?

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