Announcing CIPO v3.1

cipo-v-31 announcing

This month marks another exciting milestone for all of us here at CIPO Cloud. Many of you may have recently received our emails regarding our latest CIPO Version 3.1, but if you haven’t, you may be missing out on the industry’s most complete and most customizable CIP/CM software platform.

Over the past couple of months, our Development Team has worked tirelessly to continue CIPOs push towards the top of the market. We’ve spent numerous hours working with our current and future Owner clients to find out what matters, what’s working, what we can do better, and needs we haven’t fulfilled. All the while, creating a bold new CIPO 3.1 behind the curtain.

With this release, we have increased performance, made enhancements to the end-user experience, and added even more Agency personalization capabilities. 

We are incredibly excited to announce the highlight of CIPO v3.1, which is the are going to further advance your team’s collaboration, in real-time, from any device, without the need of yet another software application or subscription. Store unlimited number of sheets, and make them accessible across the project members. Therefore, centralizing your data repository across the Agency, its management, and lowering costs.

Some capabilities of this add-on include: 


  • Easy for the project team to add, duplicate, rotate, reorder, delta, and import pages into your plan set. So now replacing sheets due to delta revisions are more accessible than ever. 
  • The navigation is intuitive and allows for scrolling, pagination, pan, zoom, and supports optional page layouts. 
  • The viewing of drawings/sheets/PDFs or any other image file with CIPO is fast and smooth, even with larger documents.
  • We’ve added the ability to instantly comment and build a collaborative workflow where multiple users can discuss specific sections within a document and receive real-time responses. 
  • Text highlighting, freehand drawing, text annotation, image annotations, and printing are all built-in features.

At CIPO, it’s clear that we’ve listened to our Owners who continue to request a single-platform approach. Our mission is to reduce or eliminate the number of data silos your data resides, reducing costs and complexities around your CIP/CM needs. Centralize, Analyze and Improve your Operational Effectiveness.  

We’re excited to be part of your digital journey.  Let’s do more with less!

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