CIPO New Features and Enhancements


We work for our Clients. Construction owners directly influence features and enhancements to the CIPO platform, so all can benefit from a platform built just for them. Here are some exciting new changes released this month. We hope you enjoy it.

AutoSave Destination Folders

Destination Folder Autosave

Have you ever struggled to find a list of all your Daily Reports photos, where you can filter and search by name, date, or even location? Well, with CIPO, now you can get organized and consistent across all your projects. Using our Autosave capability, ANY documents you create within ANY CIPO module can now be autosaved within an Agency-specific Project Files hierarchy that you define. Quickly find a PDF copy of the document, along with any attachments consistently across all of your projects and Document Types.

Module Analytics

If you have a specific module that you are interested in tracking particular criteria and quickly identifying metrics, this feature is for you. Let’s take as an example the Change Orders module. As a PM or Agency, you are interested in identifying areas to improve on your next project. So you Classify each Change Order with your typical classifications, such as E&O, Change in Scope, Requested by GC, Requested by Owner. Now you have a percentage breakdown of each for all your Projects in real-time, among other stats.

CO Analytics by Classification
Real-Time Statistics
Virtual DWGs Relations

Virtual DWGs Updates

Our Virtual DWGs module allows you to markup and relate an area within the drawing to other CIPO documents (i.e., RFIs, Submittals, etc.) without using another 3rd party toolset, henceforth keeping your data centralized. With this latest update, CIPO will now contain a list of standard colors for text and lines, the ability to open related documents from within the Virtual DWGs module, and keeping track of who did what and when on the respective drawing. Additional usability changes are on the way.

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