With CIPO™ on-demand, you will enjoy the benefits of an enterprise class software model without the burden of supporting traditional in-house solutions.

No additional hardware, software, maintenance, nor IT support fees required. We will install and maintain CIPO™ to ensure an “always-on” environment for your users.

Traditional on-premise systems usually require code-level customizations during implementation. Once these are set, upgrades are risky and expensive.

Our in-built configuration options allow us to adapt quickly to business changes. Customers can adjust their configurations to new changes with a few mouse clicks.

CIPO™ can be fully operational in days, not weeks, months, or even years like it may take with other on-premise applications.

All our system updates and upgrades are made on an ongoing basis so you will always have the latest! Instead of focusing on customization and ongoing maintenance, you will have more time for business innovation.

Is your application difficult to use or ill-suited for your business needs? Why waste both your employees time and resources?

As a simple and intuitive web application, you can access CIPO™ anywhere, anytime with ease. This leads to quick adoption by most business users and productivity gains throughout your company.