Simple or complex, we’ll automate it.

Automating your internal business processes is central to enable more effective and efficient collaboration amongst your team, consultants and contractors.

For example, CIPO™ can dictate how construction photos, which can be thousands per week, are uploaded. Additionally, select key photos can be supplied to the owner’s project manager from the construction manager for weekly or monthly updates to Executive Management.

From how your documents get initiated through built-in approval or rejection workflows, you have complete control and flexibility in configuring your business processes.

Personalized every step of the way

WorkingtogetherDuring a new deployment, we will work closely with you to map out exact processes and schedules for every work procedure. These include document review workflow of RFIs, Submittals, PCOs, COs, and Progress Payments.


Whenever your business needs change, we will also be there each step of the way helping you keep your business processes current.

Procedures to automate:

  • RFIs (doc review workflow)
  • Submittals (doc review)
  • Potential COs (PCOs)
  • Change Orders (COs)
  • Progress Payments
  • Daily Logs and Photos

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