What can we do next?

what can we do

Last week the CIPO team provided a brief demo of our latest launch with yet another client in the Southern California area.  As we traversed through all of the new functions that we have incorporated in the latest CIPO Version 3 build, the Owner we were working with stated, “what haven’t you guys thought of?”

As a creator for Owners just like the one in this blog, we never realize what words like this actually mean.  What haven’t we thought of doing with CIPO? What could we do more of? Sometimes we need to step back and realize what we’ve done.

But let’s understand the situation.  This specific Owner had already tried numerous other Construction Management software platforms before coming back to CIPO to see how the latest V3 build was going.  They remembered our Version 2 build that serviced many similar agencies like his a decade ago. To say he was surprised, moreorless blown away, by the new build was an understatement.  But for us to realize that we are truly offering something different, something more advanced, something easier to use, something completely modifiable, something to improve efficiencies and productivity, this meant a lot to the team.  As a builder in this service industry we exist within, it was such an amazing compliment to receive.  

Needless to say, the Owner was impressed and we intend to add them to the already long list of satisfied customers.  But if we’re already being asked what haven’t we thought of, what can we do next? 

Do you have ideas on how we can better our product? We’re listening.

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