Key Challenges in Construction Management and Their Causes

The construction industry is a vital player in the global economy, contributing significantly to the US GDP. However, recent statistics indicate a slight decline in its contribution, primarily due to persistent construction management challenges. … Read More


6 Key Benefits of Construction Management Software

Effective project management is critical to guaranteeing on-time completion, adherence to budget, and high-quality outcomes for all types of construction projects, from modest repairs to extensive commercial constructions. … Read More


Why CIPO, Why Now?

Resistance to change can be organizational or personnel-driven. Still, it all revolves around the belief that something of value could be lost or that there’s a real fear of adapting to new ways: fear and uncertainty can fuel resistance. … Read More


Q1 2021 Features

Did you know that the CIPO platform is updated and enhanced every three weeks (Release Cycle)? Yes, that’s fast for ongoing innovation! But once in a while, we pause and highlight new features that make our clients’ life easier. Here are just three additions that we’re proud to share with our community of users and potential customers. … Read More

In Covid, CIPO and remote work

CIPO and Remote Work (WFH)

CIPO and Remote Work (WFH) In light of the recent COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, all of us here at CIPO want to let you know that our thoughts and prayers lay heavily with our community. … Read More


CIPO at the CA-NV AWWA Conference

The CIPO Team will be exhibiting at the upcoming CA-NV AWWA Conference at the Disneyland Hotel, April 6-9, 2020. Meet us there. Learn about our construction project and program management software that was built for Owners. This even has been … Read More

electronic Signatures

Electronic Signatures

eSignatures An essential aspect of CIPO Cloud is that you can trust that we will always try to push the envelope with ideas that make life easier for the user, or the owner in most instances. … Read More

what can we do

What can we do next?

Last week the CIPO team provided a brief demo of our latest launch with yet another client in the Southern California area. As we traversed through all of the new functions that we have incorporated in the latest CIPO Version 3 build, the Owner we were working with stated, “what haven’t you guys thought of?” … Read More