daily inspection reports

Daily Inspection Reports

Daily Inspection Reports All of us here at CIPO Cloud welcomes you to an exciting New Year! We trust that your holidays were excellent, and we’re all recharged to push for new exciting developments in 2020. … Read More

electronic Signatures

Electronic Signatures

eSignatures An essential aspect of CIPO Cloud is that you can trust that we will always try to push the envelope with ideas that make life easier for the user, or the owner in most instances. … Read More

next in treading

The next big thing in trending is … more trends

What is trend data? A look in any business dictionary will describe trend data as a pattern of gradual change in a condition, output, or process, or an average or general tendency of data. However, at CIPO, trends are our business model. … Read More


CIPO Cloud in the Top 10

CIPO Cloud was recently recognized as one of the Top 10 Construction Technology Startups that are at the forefront of tackling customer challenges. What an honor for our Team! … Read More


Identifying the “right-fit” CM software

Diving headfirst into a platform that has the flashy marketing campaign or spending millions on advertising… won’t necessarily get you the functionality that your organization is looking for. … Read More

gimmick of caregory -cipologo

What’s the gimmick?

As CIPO Cloud begins to grow and our user base continues to expand, we always get asked, “what differentiates CIPO Cloud from the competition?” Pinpointing exactly what makes CIPO Cloud the best choice on the market for Owner CIP Management is tough. … Read More


Increase Efficiency through Automation

How can we improve what we currently do? … Read More

what can we do

What can we do next?

Last week the CIPO team provided a brief demo of our latest launch with yet another client in the Southern California area. As we traversed through all of the new functions that we have incorporated in the latest CIPO Version 3 build, the Owner we were working with stated, “what haven’t you guys thought of?” … Read More


ACWA Fall Conference

Come and meet with the CIPO Cloud team and learn more about the platform built to help owners manage both CIP programs and non-CIP projects in one single system. We will be exhibiting at the ACWA Fall Conference happening in … Read MoreRead More


CA-NV AWWA Fall Conference

CIPO Cloud is attending, and sponsoring, the American Water Works Associate California-Nevada Annual Fall Conference (#AFC2019) in San Diego. Come meet with us and learn why CIPO Cloud is the BEST construction management software platform built for owners, by owners. … Read More