CIPO for CM/PM Consultants

Want to stand out from the rest? Then use a platform built for the ones you represent, the Owners.

Construction Management and Project Management Consultants representing Owners can benefit from the same construction management software owners use. The CIPO platform helps you run many programs and projects with ease, personalization for your customers, and a known, fixed cost.

Insights at your fingertips.

CIPO lets you track, merge, and report real-time customer data in one dashboard across your business units or regions. Filter, sort, share, and gain insights into how your distributed teams perform - by Client, Area, Region, or individuals. You are in complete control. Rely on CIPO's modern technologies to optimize and differentiate yourself.


Start the Journey

A solid construction management software foundation is vital to ongoing innovation and optimization. Whether you have a system in place or use Excel and email, find out how CIPO's advanced platform can help you better manage existing programs and projects and also help you look for opportunities to improve in the future.

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CIPO is easily adaptable
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