CIPO for Water and Wastewater

CIPO construction software was born in this industry. Focused on project transparency, CIPO imports schedules from systems like Oracle Primavera™ and Microsoft Project™, tracking progress and recording materials used, and expenses incurred, enabling you to stay on top of regulatory compliance. Ultimately ensuring projects are completed on time, on budget, and meet all regulatory requirements.

Additionally, CIPO is focused on digitizing your construction project management processes, reducing paperwork across all phases, and ultimately helping water and wastewater agencies better manage their resources. With increased visibility into all aspects of their project management process, agencies can make data-driven decisions that improve the overall efficiency of their organization now and in the future.

EMWD can maximize our efforts toward digitalizing operations through a reliable, user-friendly platform that provides flexibility and opportunity for future technology improvements.
Scott Lopian
Sr. Construction Administrator

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    A solid construction management software foundation is vital to ongoing innovation and optimization. Whether you have a system in place or use Excel and email, find out how CIPO's advanced platform can help you better manage existing programs and projects and also help you look for opportunities to improve in the future.

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