New Quarter, New Features

Did you know that the CIPO platform is updated and enhanced every three to six weeks (Release Cycle)?  Yes, that’s fast for ongoing innovation! But once in a while, we pause and highlight new features that make our clients’ life easier. Here are just three additions that we’re proud to share with our community of users and potential customers.


CIPO Presets

Preset Documents

Allows Owners to predetermine and predefine required documents and their allocated numbers (ie., submittals, contract documents, etc.)

One crucial factor that all our Owners/Agencies have in common is the importance of document consistency. No matter the size of our customers, they all have a specific number of documents (i.e., submittals, contract documents, etc.) required for each project. 

We’ve listened to their current software woes that do not allow them to know what remains to be submitted from their Contractors.  Asking, “do we have everything we need from the Contractor so they can mobilize?”.  Say hello to Presets.

Presets in CIPO allow owners to define required documents and their respective numbering system per Project Type or defined globally for all projects. Think of them as Templates. Using presets, we help avoid confusion and ultimately make it easier for the PMs to know what remains, what is required, and their status.

Preferred Response

Final Response

Preferred Response(s)

This feature allows certain roles to choose the best final response (or multiples from Engineer and others) back to the Contractor when finalizing the document.

Every project is comprised of project team members with unique skill sets and levels of responsibility. CIPO does not want to hamstring your construction management team by only allowing a submittal or RFI to be sent to one team member or selecting multiple team members but only allowing an option to choose one of the responses. 

We’ve now added the ability to select what responses get printed on the final document (correspondence), even if the answer may come from multiple sources.

Since the Contractor does not see all the data the owner does, sometimes there are trails of communication that need to be filtered. CIPO allows the owner to choose the “right” response for the Contractor with a simple click. The days of “cutting & pasting” are over at CIPO.

Multi-Level Relatable Lists

CIPO List Management and Relations

Multi-Level Relatable Lists

With this feature, the Owner helps contractors reduce errors when working with predefined assemblies that require Agency approved manufacturers and models (this is an example use case).

CIPO inherently is comprised of different modules that can be related and interact with eachother—allowing customers to see a complete picture of a specific document or process.

Nearly all of our clients utilize an approved materials list added into their Contract documents or available online for their Contractors to use. So it makes sense for CIPO to allow the building of these multi-level, relatable lists of approved materials to streamline the Submittal process (as an example).

The Contractors are provided a predefined drop-down menu for products they intend to use for the project, thus cutting down on Submittal errors, and review time by the Engineer or Owner. This simplification of data management allows the Contractor to expedite procurement of materials and avoid potential schedule delays.

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