Top Cipo Benefits

Top Cipo Benefits

When comparing CIPO to other Construction Software for Owners, we identified a Top 4 list of differences.

Known Cost

Avoid unnecessary complications and additional fees. CIPO simplifies pricing with a pay-per-user subscription model.



CIPO offers an off-the-shelf solution that can meet most owners' requirements and can be fully operational within days.

Grows with You


CIPO can adapt to your needs, whether you're managing a small project or a multi-billion dollar program.

User Friendly

User Friendly

CIPO's user interface is modern, intuitive and consistent, which reduces the learning curve for employees and contractors using the software.

Experience the difference.

Discover what sets us apart: it's not just our innovative and customizable software, it's also the people behind it. Our focus is on helping Owners succeed.
Document Controls
CIPO Correspondence
Analytics, KPIs, Metrics
Customizable [no code]
project managers drawing up construction plans
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